Safe USA Casinos – Guides

With the situation in the USA regards online gambling grey bordering on murky, it’s important for US online casino players to be able to get a reliable list of just which online casinos are safe, reputable places to play.

The “A-Z of Online Casinos” website has a dedicated USA Casinos section which provides information in list form for all the top, safe casino operators who take US players. You can filter and sort the lists, highlight and lowlight and save your lists for future reference. Use it and abuse it!

With no regulation or laws determining whether gambling is legal or illegal at Federal level, it’s down to the individual satates to decide right now. The introduction of the UIGEA in 2006 made it illegal for banks and money processors to knowingly allow customers in the USA to transfer funds into and out of online gambling operators which has made it hard to operate but there are only a few States where online gambling is actually illegal.

The website has a guide to USA casinos by State which has every US State listed and maps out which online casinos accept residents of each State. It also explains in which States online gambling is illegal. Players are advised to ensure that they are familiar with their local State laws before playing and that they have a legitimate means of depositing and cashing out before they play. It can be a frustrating process which many simply choose to avoid.

As regulation comes to the USA – which eventually it will, probably on a State-by-State basis at first – I would expect to see some of the big USA casinos out of AC and Vegas coming online. It seems the obvious next step, especially with recession an obvious reality. And the actions of the DoJ in clearing out offshore operators points to the fact that they are quite probably clearing the way for the major gambliong operations to come online with minimum competition.